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Butera & Andrews offers many services to Legislative Coalitions such as:

Suggesting approaches for formalizing, structuring, operating and expanding Coalition

  • Providing counsel and advice to Coalition's leaders/officers:
    • “Sounding board” role
    • Analysis of pros/cons of various approaches
    • Sharing experiences with other Coalitions and giving judgments and recommendations on various issues
  • Assisting in preparing documents outlining Coalition organization and operations

Supporting Coalition’s day-to-day operations

  • Serving as central staff and operations office for Coalition
    • Helping schedule and coordinate Hill visits and other political activities
  • Acting as information clearinghouse (receiving and disseminating information to and from Coalition members and their lobbyists regarding Hill visits, legislative developments, news articles)
    • Collecting  information from Coalition members’ lobbyists, etc.
    • Reporting on developments and distribute information to Coalition members and their lobbyists by mail, fax, E-mail, Web site links
    • Handling inquiries and give updates to Coalition members
  • Compiling and maintaining sensitive lobbying information and Coalition's records in confidential manner
    • Vote counts
    • Confidential inputs from individual Coalition members
  • Assisting in planning, coordinating and carrying out other Coalition activities:
    • Suggesting legislative strategies and tactics
    • Targeting Hill offices and other contacts
    • Working with Coalition members' lobbyists to ensure particular contacts are made and actions and follow-ups are done in coordinated and timely manner
    • Monitoring and analyzing developments
    • Performing direct lobbying and educational efforts on behalf of Coalition with Senate/House Members and staff as directed by the Coalition
    • Developing and coordinating Coalition's grassroots efforts
    • Organizing political events/activities to generate stronger political support
    • Drafting and/or helping refine lobbying materials, testimony, questions, articles, Congressional Record statements, grassroots communications, briefing kits, special presentation
    • Helping plan and execute recruitment of new Coalition members
    • Advising on legal compliance with campaign finance law, lobbying disclosure, gift rules
    • Assisting Coalition’s officers in selecting and managing other consultants if necessary
    • Providing other administrative support

View of Lobbying | Lobbying Information | B&A's Lobbying Team
Coalition Services |Current Issues | Lobbying Fees