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B&A's Lobbying Services

Our firm's federal legislative and government relations services, which are tailored to meet each particular client's needs, include the following:

Political Strategy & Planning - planning legislative strategy and helping clients to evaluate their lobbying needs and to develop and enhance their own political / government relations programs;

Direct Lobbying & Advocacy - active direct lobbying advocacy, including presenting written and oral testimony to Congress and to appropriate personnel in federal agencies and the Administration;

Monitoring & Reporting - monitoring and timely reporting of federal legislative and administrative activities including bills, committee hearings, Congressional floor debate, proposed agency policies and rule-makings, etc.;

Legal Analysis - furnishing legal analysis and comments in connection with bills, amendments, proposed regulations and other legislative and regulatory documents and proposals;

Drafting - drafting of bills, amendments, testimony, lobbying materials, rulemaking comments and other materials;

Coalitions - directing or participating in lobbying coalitions on issues involving a number of interested parties;

Meetings - scheduling meetings with, providing introductions to and facilitating access to federal officials;

Contacts - establishing and maintaining contacts with key Congressional members and staff and federal agency personnel; and

Presence - providing a client with an ongoing respected presence in Washington (e.g., appearances at Congressional hearings, agency meetings, etc.).

View of Lobbying | Lobbying Information | B&A's Lobbying Team
Ethical Practices
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